Eskom Says Kusile Power Station To Be Completed By 2024

Eskom officials say they are on track to complete the R161-billion Kusile Power Station by 2024.
The plant is expected to contribute 4,800 megawatts to the national grid on completion.
Currently, four units – generating 800 megawatts each – are operational, with Eskom saying it wanted to synchronise two more units within the next two years.
The construction of the station was initially expected to take six years complete at the cost of R81 billion.
However, the cost of the project, which was first implemented in 2008, has now risen to R161 billion.
Delays, massive cost overruns, design defects and corruption have all been cited as among factors that have contributed to the cost increase.
Eskom’s general manager for projects Zandi Shange said they did not anticipate any further increase in their expenditure.
“They previously approved funds, which is the budget of R161 billion. We still have and we are committing to keep to it.”
The fifth unit at Kusile is expected to commence operating next year while the sixth unit is expected to be fully functional by May 2024.