Eskom Takes Over Load-shedding In Ekurhuleni After The City’s ‘failure’ To Carry It Out

Ekurhuleni residents who receive their electricity supply from the municipality will start to have load-shedding just like the rest of the country.
In a statement, Eskom said it will implement load-shedding in the City of Ekurhuleni’s areas of supply on behalf of the city, as an interim measure, after the city’s acknowledgment that it was unable to implement load-shedding as required.
According to Eskom, the City of Ekurhuleni has been failing to implement load-shedding, despite numerous requests by the power utility for the city to rectify its violation of the requirements.
“These pleas have yielded very little success, with the municipality continuously failing to implement the required load-shedding in its areas of supply,” Eskom said in a statement.
The arrangement between Eskom and the city follows a harsh step the power utility took on Monday, whereby it reduced the required load from Ekurhuleni’s respective points of supply.
“As an interim measure, the city requested Eskom, which has agreed, to continue implementing load-shedding in the city’s licensed area of supply. The city further agreed to communicate this arrangement with Eskom to the municipality’s customers and to publish the revised load-shedding schedules,” reads Eskom’s statement.
Eskom has urged customers from Ekurhuleni to contact the municipality directly regarding the matter.