Eskom To Dial Back Load Shedding Intensity

Eskom will reduce the intensity of load shedding to level 3 at 9pm on Thursday, and then reduce it further to level 2 at 5am on Friday, the state-owned utility said in a statement.
This comes after a rough week for South Africa’s economy, during which load shedding was escalated from stage 2 on Monday to stage 4 after a large number of Eskom generating units failed.
Eskom attributed the decision to move to level 3 on Thursday night to “some recovery in generation capacity over the past 24 hours”.
“The emergency generation reserves have sufficiently improved to permit a reduction in the stage of load shedding,” it said.
The utility has also seen the return to service of units at the Matla, Medupi, Kusile and Camdem power stations. Two further generating units are expected to come online later on Thursday,with five more returning to service in time for the new work week on Monday.