European Ferrovanadium Gains Slow Down European ferrovanadium price was 60.5 (up 0.5)-63.5 (down 0.5) USD/Kg V on March 11, equivalent to RMB ferrovanadium50 was 191,500-201,000 CNY/Ton; European vanadium pentoxide was 12 (up 0.5)-12.5 (up 0.25) USD/Lb V2O5, equivalent to RMB V2O5 98% was 164,100-171,000 CNY/Ton, American ferrovanadium was 29 (up 4)-31 (up 4) USD/Lb V, equivalent to RMB ferrovanadium50 was about 202,400-216,300 CNY/Ton.

The rise of international vanadium prices has slowed down. Under the situation of Russia and Ukraine, the international vanadium price quickly soared to a high level; after the continuous surge for nearly half a month, the foreign rush for goods gradually calmed down, and the enthusiasm for purchasing high-level raw materials decreased, European ferrovanadium prices fell slightly, but it is still difficult to ask for goods at low prices. However, the situation in Russia and Ukraine is not yet clear, and some domestic and foreign companies still have bullish expectations for the market outlook.