www.ferroalloynet.com: The latest data shows that European ferrovanadium price has begun its first rebound after a three-month decline, and the current price is USD 34.80 (↑2.65) – 36.5 (↑0.5) /kg vanadium,converting to 50# ferrovanadium is about CNY 120,300 (↑9,400)-126,200 (↑2,000)/t, the average price is about CNY 5,700/t higher than last Friday. The European market price for vanadium pentoxide is about USD 7-7.95/lb vanadium pentoxide, converting to 98% V2O5 is about CNY 104,600-118,800/t. The market price of American ferrovanadium is USD 18.2-19.5/lb, keeping stable.

At present, the price of ferrovanadium in domestic market is weak and stable, and the steel bidding price is low. However, the transaction price of retailing market is CNY 117,000-120,000/t. The main market transaction price is temporarily lower than that in European market. The price of vanadium pentoxide is updated on Friday evening. According to import and export traders, recent international market procurement is active, and the future price of vanadium pentoxide in the international market is also expected to rise slightly. The export market is gradually lifting the deadlock, and the overall market may have a positive trend.