European Ferrovanadium prices stay steady during Chinese New Year Holiday

Date: Feb 13, 2019 Though the spot prices for European ferro-vanadium shortened to $77-79 per kg on February 8, from $76.70-79.10 per kg during the mid-week assessment on Wednesday, the overall prices have been fairly stable over the past two weeks while the market awaited the return of Chinese participants after their Lunar New Year holiday.

As all of China are on holiday, there was really nothing happening. Everyone seemed to want to wait until they returned from the holiday to see what direction the market may be headed, one supplier explained. But some market participants suspected that there would be stronger vanadium pricing when the Chinese returned. Meanwhile, the European vanadium pentoxide market became firmer over the week despite limited trading liquidity. The lack of significant levels of activity prevented prices from rising further over the week.

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