European Vanadium Price is Weak and Temporarily Stable according to data of last Friday, European vanadium price is temporarily stable without change. European 70-80# Ferrovanadium remains at USD34.45-36/kg vanadium, converting to 50# ferrovanadium is about CNY 118,300 -123,600/t. European vanadium pentoxide is about USD 7-7.95/lb V2O5, converting to 98% V2O5 is about CNY 103,900-118,000/t. The market price of American ferrovanadium is USD 17.5-18.0(↓0.5)/lb, slightly down.

Due to the price gap between domestic and international vanadium prices and other factors affecting China’s export market, the decline of vanadium prices in the international market is slow, but the weak demand during the Summer break cannot stabilize the vanadium price, and the overall European vanadium market is still weak, coupled with the poor performance of the domestic market in recent days, it is expected that the follow-up international vanadium price will still be slightly reduced.