EVRAZ Announces Additional Measures To Protect Employees From COVID-19

EVRAZ is taking additional measures to protect its employees and ensure uninterrupted operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees’ foreign business trips are suspended. All employees returning from foreign travel (vacation and business trips) are undergoing mandatory self-isolation at home for two weeks without loss of pay. The access of foreign specialists and contractors to EVRAZ facilities is being limited. The same measures being taken to prevent the spread of the virus, including self-isolation, apply to employees of EVRAZ as well as contractors.

Thermal imaging systems and heat sensors are being installed at all access points to check the temperature of employees and site visitors. Employees working in jobs that cannot be performed remotely and whose presence is required on site are being issued additional personal protective equipment, including glasses, respirators and protective gloves. Common areas are being supplied with antiseptics and disinfectants. In addition, breath testing for alcohol is being suspended until the end of March. Vehicles and premises are being regularly disinfected.

Particular attention is being devoted to ensuring uninterrupted production, including logistics, supplies and operating procedures.

To reduce the number of crowded spaces, the Group has adjusted the working hours of office staff, most of whom are now working remotely. To this end, new laptops have been purchased and additional equipment and software have been installed to allow efficient and safe remote work in light of the growing pandemic. All meetings are being held remotely using effective conference and video call systems. All major business, sporting and corporate entertainment events have been postponed or cancelled. Canteen work schedules have been adjusted, and the number and type of shift meetings are being optimised.

Employees and contractors are receiving instruction regarding the necessary changes to personal behaviour and other precautions that should be taken to counter the pandemic.

The number one priority for EVRAZ is ensuring the health and wellbeing of its people, as well as maintaining safety and calm in local communities. The Group is monitoring the spread of the virus and working with healthcare institutions and insurance organisations to proactively protect its employees and their families in a way that has a minimal impact on operations.