EVRAZ Launches Global Vanadium R&D Initiative

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 15 May 20 – On May 14, EVRAZ Vanadium announced that it has established a new Research and Development Center located in Group subsidiary East Metals AG, Zug, Switzerland. The main objective is to support sustainable and diversified usage of vanadium as an alloying element in current and future steel products.

A team of technical specialists has started to work on realizing specific research programs and already engaged with steel producers. A dedicated technology network, which connects major research facilities with the steel industry served by EVRAZ Vanadium, is also being established. It will consist of leading steel industry technology suppliers, end users of advanced steels, designated organizations and standardization bodies. EVRAZ Vanadium R&D will also collaborate with VANITEC, the producer’s organization of the vanadium industry.

EVRAZ has already established collaborations with Aachen University of Technology in Germany, Colorado School of Mines in the US and SWERIM of Sweden, the leading Swedish organization in materials research. The first Vanadium R&D projects have already started with results expected by the end of this year.

EVRAZ is the largest vanadium producer outside of China, supplying the global steel industry with over 13,000 metric tons of pure vanadium per year in different forms such as ferrovanadium, pentoxide or polyvanadate.