—In Q2 2020, EVRAZ’ consolidated crude steel output fell by 5.1% QoQ, mainly due to capital repairs and gas pause at EVRAZ ZSMK in June as well as capital repairs at EVRAZ NTMK in May.

—Total sales of steel products rose by 4.9% QoQ. Sales of semi-finished products increased by 19.5% QoQ following change in the product mix in favour of slab and billets resulted from decline in demand for finished products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

—Sales of finished products fell by 6.9% amid weak market demand in Russia and North America as well as due to lower production volumes in Russia following scheduled capital repairs.

—Total raw coking coal production decreased by 26.8% QoQ, driven by weaker demand for coal on global markets. Production at the Razrez Raspadsky open pit and at Mezhegeyugol has been suspended until favourable market conditions are restored. The decline was also due the move of the longwall at the Alardinskaya mine.

—External sales volumes of coking coal products dropped by 14.6% QoQ, caused by lower shipments to Europe amid unfavourable market conditions.

—External sales of iron ore products jumped by 25.6% QoQ amid higher shipments to the domestic market in Q2 2020.

—Sales of vanadium products fell by 22.6% QoQ mainly due to lower steel utilisation rates as well as general decrease of vanadium demand following COVID 19 restrictions. The regional sales and product mix was changed to serve the more active Chinese oxide market during Q2 2020.