www.ferroalloynet.com: On July 31, 2020, the keynote speech of FerroAlloyNet 10th Vanadium Industry Development Forum was successfully held in Marriott Hotel in Chengdu. Under the guidance of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Sichuan Development and Reform Commission, Panzhihua Municipal People’s Government, the forum was hosted by FerroAlloyNet.com, CNFEOL.com, Sichuan Association of Vanadium Titanium Steel Industry and Sichuan Desheng Group Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Pangang Group Vanadium Titanium Resources Co., Ltd., Tranvic Group Chengyu Vanadium Titanium Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dazhou Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., HBIS Group Chengde Vanadium Titanium New Material Co., Ltd. and Chengde Jianlong Special Steel Co., Ltd., as well as supported by Panzhihua Vanadium Titanium Industry Association, VANITEC, China Iron and Steel Industry Association Vanadium Association, CISRI (CENTRAL IRON & STEEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE), National Standardization Technical Committee for Comprehensive Utilization of VTM, The Strategic Alliance of the V & Ti Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Industrial Technology Innovation, Sichuan V & Ti Industrial Technology Trading Platform, Sichuan V & Ti Industrial Technology Research Institute, Jiangsu Steel Industry Association, Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gangyuan Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhongxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Zhongfan Changsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mica International Trade Co., Ltd.

Morning-Keynote Speech:


The forum invited representatives of vanadium enterprises and industry experts and scholars to discuss and analyze the global economic environment under the epidemic situation, the supply and demand situation of vanadium markets at home and abroad, domestic environmental protection policies, the development status of vanadium electrolyte, and new technology of vanadium extraction. The forum aims to “grasp the industry situation, study the industry rules, put forward industry suggestions, maintain the order of the industry and promote the development of the industry”, with the theme of “collaborative integration and construction of vanadium industry ecosystem”, striving to promote the high-quality development of China’s vanadium industry.


At 9:00 a.m., the general forum was held in the first Hall of Chengdu on the fifth floor and hosted over by Gao Huabin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Sichuan Desheng Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd.


Before the topic speech, Zhou Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the board of directors of Sichuan Desheng Group Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. As one of the the organizers of this forum, Sichuan Desheng warmly welcomed the vanadium industry colleagues from all over the world to gather in Chengdu, and wished the Forum a complete success.


Later, Yang Xiuliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Pangang Group, delivered a speech;


Ruan Qiang, a nominator of vice mayor of Panzhihua Municipal People’s government, delivered a speech.


Finally, Zhai Gang, member of the Party group and Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department, delivered a speech. Zhai said that he was very happy to participate in this forum and make suggestions for the high-quality development of China’s vanadium industry. On behalf of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department, he extended a warm welcome to the delegates and expressed his concern for the development of Sichuan vanadium titanium steel industry for a long time. Sichuan vanadium reserves account for about 63% of the total reserves in China, most of which are concentrated in Panxi area of Sichuan Province. In the province’s layout of “one trunk line, multiple branches and five districts’ cooperation”, Panxi economic zone has proposed to focus on building world-class vanadium, titanium, rare earth and other industrial clusters. The vanadium industry of Pangang Group ranks first in China and in the world. Relying on the advantages of Panxi vanadium and titanium resources, Tranvic Group, Desheng Group, Dagang and other backbone enterprises have accelerated the development of vanadium industry, forming an annual output of 25000 tons of vanadium oxide and 250000 tons of vanadium slag (standard slag), and accelerating the industrialization of vanadium battery. At the same time, in order to implement the provincial Party committee and government’s decision on accelerating the construction of a “5 + 1” modern industrial system and accelerating the development of vanadium and titanium featured and advantageous industries, the Economic and Information Department plans to issue the implementation opinions on supporting the high-quality development of vanadium and titanium featured and advantageous industries, focusing on improving the comprehensive utilization rate of vanadium and titanium resources, enriching the product structure of vanadium industry, and adhering to green intelligent development. To further enhance the competitiveness and innovation of vanadium and titanium industry in our province, and accelerate the high-quality development of vanadium and titanium industries, we should build regional brands of vanadium and titanium products, expand the application fields of vanadium and titanium products, and promote the construction of vanadium and titanium innovation and development system. Finally, I wish this forum a complete success. I wish you all good health and everything goes well.


After the short speech from the representatives, the keynote speech began. First of all, Liu Xinmin, Deputy Director and Senior Engineer of Economic Policy Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Ecological and Environmental Sciences delivered a keynote speech “interpretation of national environmental protection policy and thinking and suggestions on green development of vanadium industry”. Director Liu shared the new development trend of national environmental protection policies and regulations, introduced the key points of central environmental protection supervision work, and cited case sharing. Finally, it is suggested that the vanadium industry should improve the level of scientific and technological innovation to achieve clean production, strengthen industry collaboration to promote green development, rely on environmental stewardship to ensure legal development, and strive for support from all walks of life to achieve win-win development.


Subsequently, ye Zirong, counselor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University and Doctoral Supervisor, delivered a special speech on “economic situation research and judgment and vanadium industry’s first breakthrough”, and made wonderful sharing from the current situation of China’s financial operation, analysis of US- Sino relations, observation of world economic trend, China’s coping strategies and the new dawn of vanadium titanium industry.


Then, Li Sirui, Director Assistant, Doctor and Senior Engineer of Chief Engineer office of Sichuan Industrial Environmental Monitoring and Research Institute, delivered a topic speech “the guiding significance and Countermeasures of implementing the new national standard of steel bar for high-quality development of construction industry”, which introduced in detail the development history of China’s steel bar, the background and significance of the revision of the new national standard, and the main content of the standard revision, and proposed the implementation of the new national standard Finally, the basic situation of Sichuan Industrial Environmental Monitoring Research Institute is introduced.


Finally, Yan Chuanwei, Researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of Technology and Liaoning Province Battery Material Engineering Technology Research Institution bring “Technical Difficulties and Latest Development of Vanadium Battery”.


In the morning, the general forum focused on opening speeches and four vanadium industry topics. In the afternoon, the forum will be divided into market sub forum and technology sub forum, which will be held in the first Hall of Chengdu and the third Hall of Chengdu on the fifth floor of the hotel.

Afternoon- market sub forum:


At 2:00 p.m., the market sub forum was hosted by Du Sihong, President of China Iron and Steel Industry Association Vanadium Association and General Manager of Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.


First of all, Qin Ming, Deputy General Manager of Pangang Group vanadium and Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech “supply and demand situation and thinking of China’s vanadium and titanium market”, first introduced the situation of vanadium and titanium industry in Pangang Group, and then analyzed the history and current situation of supply and demand of vanadium resources in China and the world, and put forward some thoughts on the relationship between the consumption of vanadium and the output of screw steel, and proposed that vanadium should be consolidated and developed To promote the healthy development of vanadium industry. It is suggested that niobium and niobium should be jointly promoted to promote the progress of China’s iron and steel industry.


Tang Xiaozhong, Ferroalloy Specialist of Jiangsu Iron and Steel Industry Association, shared the “trend of rebar and application prospect of vanadium alloy in 2020”, and made a wonderful sharing from the production of steel and reinforcement, downstream demand, production cost of long and short process of building steel, change of alloying mode of rebar and demand of vanadium alloy.


Subsequently, a live video link with Terry Perles, President of TTP squared, Inc., and he shared the forecast of global vanadium market supply and demand and price trend in 2020. Based on the global price, production, consumption and inventories of vanadium resources, historical price trend and the current situation of the global epidemic situation this year, the future price trend is predicted.


The last topic of the market sub forum was made by Wang Zibo, vanadium analyst, brings the “inventory of vanadium series data in 2020”, which makes a detailed summary and Analysis on the vanadium series price, enterprise operation rate, market supply and demand, alloy inventory, import and export data of vanadium products in 2020.

Afternoon-Technology sub forum:

In the afternoon, in the third Hall of Chengdu, the technical sub forum was hosted by Sun Chaohui, Chairman of the Special Committee of Sichuan Vanadium Titanium Steel Industry Association.

First of all, Professor Yang Shaoli, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Panzhihua University, gave a speech on the topic of “vanadium bearing secondary resources based on vanadium titanomagnetite and its new technology of vanadium extraction”. Professor Yang made a speech from the overview of vanadium bearing ore resources in China, the process flow of vanadium extraction from vanadium titanium magnetite, the situation and comprehensive utilization process of vanadium bearing secondary resources in Panzhihua and several comprehensive utilization processes of vanadium containing secondary resources We have a wonderful share.

Hu Xiaoyu from Hunan ShuoKe Thermal Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced the latest vanadium nitrogen alloy production process and preparation equipment and related professional knowledge for the guests.

Li Lanjie, Chief Expert of ChengSteel and Director of Vanadium and Titanium Research and Development Center, brought the title “analysis of current situation and Prospect of vanadium application in non steel field”. Firstly, the general situation of vanadium and titanium in Hegang was introduced, and then the application and Prospect of vanadium in ferroalloy, titanium alloy, energy storage, chemical catalysis and other fields were analyzed in depth.

Wang Zhuo, General Manager of Chengdu Caizhi Technology Co., Ltd., shared the “suggestions on digital R & D system of vanadium and titanium industry”, first introduced the basic situation of material intelligence technology, and then made a detailed introduction to the establishment of digital R & D system of vanadium and titanium industry, application scenarios and benefits of material R & D database, and construction ideas.

Zhang Dezhao, Deputy Manager of Intelligent Manufacturing Department of Chengdu Xingyun Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., shares the construction of digital production line of vanadium nitrogen alloy. The digital production line of Xingyun Zhilian vanadium nitrogen alloy integrates advanced technologies such as information, manufacturing, control, communication, artificial intelligence and 5g, and takes the lead in realizing intelligent IOT transmission, independent operation of production materials, automatic packaging of products, etc With the functions of centralized remote control and continuous automatic logistics, the operation mode and production environment of vanadium nitrogen alloy production line have changed greatly.

Zhang Zhongyu, Deputy Chief Engineer of Sichuan Xingming Energy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., shared the research and development trend of low cost vanadium electrolyte technology. The low-cost demand, low-cost direction, current situation and development trend of vanadium electrolyte are introduced in detail. Finally, the low-cost research and achievements of Xingming energy are shared.

At the end of the forum, the host once again, on behalf of the organizers of the conference, would like to thank all the guests and representatives for their support for the forum. Let’s sing the main theme of the Forum: “grasp the industry situation, study the industry rules, put forward industry suggestions, maintain the industry order and promote the industry development”, so as to make our due contribution to the high-quality development of China’s vanadium industry!