Ferrovanadium Slightly Increased Due To The Cost Support

www.ferroalloynet.com: Due to the recent rise of V2O5 flake, the ferrovanadium market also began to rise passively. At present, Jinzhou ferrovanadium market offers 103,000-105,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Although it is difficult to make a high price deal, the manufacturers have strong intention to make a price hike. The inventory of ferrovanadium plants in Central South China is at the bottom. Jiangxi region offers 103,000 Yuan/ton. The ferrovanadium supply of large factories in bulk market is tight, and the quotation is no less than 103,000 Yuan/ton. Recently, the inquiries of FeV80 have increased, but the supply source is relatively less. Russian ferrovanadium importer is receiving orders actively, and the ferrovanadium market is steadily improving.
Nowadays, it is difficult to find V2O5 flake spot goods in the market, and the manufacturers offer at 98,500 Yuan/ton. The information of high price transaction in the market needs to be screened. The transaction prices of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate and ammonium polyvanadate are 93,000-93,500 Yuan/ton in cash and 95,500-96,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. Recently, the circulation of VN alloy spot goods has been tightened, and the manufacturers have rarely quoted prices, waiting for bidding price of Laiwu Steel. The transaction price of VN alloy in bulk market is mainly at 153,000 Yuan/ton in cash. The vanadium market still has room for upward adjustment, which is driven by the cost support of raw materials and reduction of alloy stocks.