Gold Churns But Silver (Finally) Returns!

Thus should you be casually queried off-the-cuff as to the present price of Gold, your simply responding “1850” without nary a thought ought be fairly spot on, impressively making you appear as one “in the know.”

But year-to-date, the precious metals story (albeit somewhat stealthily) is Silver. For have you been watching the Gold/Silver ratio of late? We have as it has its own dedicated cell on our key screen of live data. Which is why for the first time “in forever” we of a sudden sat bolt upright this past Thursday in taking notice of said ratio being sub-70x!

“Is it live? Or is it Memorex?”, (i.e. on tape from nearly four years ago). For that was the last instance of the Gold/Silver ratio being below 70x: 17 April, 2017 at 69.9x. Fast forward that tape to today and the ratio is now 68.4x.

The millennium-to-date average of the Gold/Silver ratio is 66.2x such that ’tis fair to say these two precious metals are well within a standard deviation of having returned to being on “par” with one another. (For those of your caring to include a full generation prior, said average ratio as dated from 1975 is 59.7x). Either way, here’s the daily graphic across these past twenty years (plus one month) of the Gold/Silver ratio with its average as having evolved throughout:

Indeed peeking back to The Gold Update of 04 April 2020 (“Gold Losing A Gear As Markets Are Losing their Fear”), we therein penned: “…the Gold/Silver ratio … [is] a staggeringly high 113.5x, nearly double the millennium-to-date average…” On that date, the price of Silver was 14.53: today at 27.06 ’tis +86.3% since then; (Gold across the same time frame is but a comparable +12.2%).

Hence the race back to a more realistic reading. And clearly ’tis not because of any fallout in Gold. Rather, ’tis due to Silver finally garnering long-overdue committed notice by getting much more of a bid than has Gold in recent months. Even for just this brief year so far, Gold is -2.7% — in last place by the BEGOS Market Standings — but Silver in second place is +2.0%. Here’s the table with 2021’s first trading month officially in the books: