HBIS: 1,000tpy High Purity Vanadium Production Line Built

HBIS stated in its interactive platform on August 2 that, the company already obtained technology of producing high purity vanadium oxide used for vanadium electrolyte and full vanadium flow battery electrolyte, with a 1,000 tons/year high purity vanadium production line and a 1,000 tons/year vanadium electrolyte production line having be built. The product quality has been certified by the top vanadium battery manufacturers at home and abroad and relevant products have been applied in 5KW+ 5KW /20kwh photovoltaic-vanadium energy storage system.
Please visit more information https://www.asianmetal.com/news/1839778/HBIS:-1,000tpy-high-purity-vanadium-production-line-built/14