Hbis ChengSteel 5Kw/20Kwh VRFB Energy Storage System Was Put Into Operation

Recently, the HBIS ChengSteel 5kW/20kWh VRFB energy storage system was put into operation.

Under the background of global energy transformation, large-scale utilization of renewable energy and Realization of energy diversification have become an important strategy for energy security and sustainable development of the world. However, wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy power generation has the characteristics of instability and uncontrollability, which will bring impact on the safe and stable operation of power grid. Large scale energy storage technology is the key technology to solve the problem of discontinuity and instability of renewable energy power generation.

At present, a variety of energy storage technologies have been developed in the industry, among which all vanadium flow battery energy storage technology has become one of the preferred technologies for scale energy storage due to its remarkable advantages. Features: long cycle life, good charge and discharge characteristics, large power and capacity, safety and environmental protection. In the large capacity energy storage field for renewable energy power generation, smart grid and “Internet plus” smart energy development, vanadium redox flow battery has broad space for development and a ready tomorrow star.

The 5kW / 20kwh VRFB energy storage system of ChengSteel was put into operation, which changed the energy utilization efficiency, realized the conversion of photovoltaic power generation and vanadium battery energy storage into DC and AC through equipment, and was applied to the lighting system in the vanadium titanium industrial park of Chengde Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. This is also the first commercial application of all vanadium flow battery in Chenggang.

As the heart of all vanadium redox flow battery, electrolyte is the conductive material in all vanadium redox battery, and is also the medium of energy storage and the core of energy conversion. Chenggang has developed high purity and high performance electrolyte for all vanadium flow battery with low impurity content, high product stability and low production cost. It has developed more than 10 technologies for preparation of high-purity vanadium oxide and commercial electrolyte for all vanadium flow battery with mature technology and independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, a series of detection technologies for commercial vanadium electrolyte were developed, which provided complete and accurate data support for the development, research and large-scale production of commercial vanadium electrolyte and vanadium battery. The detection method reached the international advanced level in the same field, and filled the blank of physical and chemical detection technology of vanadium battery in China.