High Quotation Is Not Firm When Inquiry Reduced

www.ferroalloynet.com: With the stalemate atmosphere of vanadium market going on, the shipment in the market is increasing, and the quotation is also slightly loose. As a whole, the vanadium market is showing a weak situation after the stalemate. The corresponding procurement of steel plants in the middle of the month is reduced, and the market is expected to fall back slightly.
Up to now, most of the traders who hoard V2O5 flakes in the early stage have started to offer for shipment, and the low-level quotations are all stuck at 110,000 Yuan/ton. And the bulk shipment has increased slightly. Some alloy factories are still interested in selling some raw materials in stock. The large V2O5 flake factories have not signed the orders yet, and the bulk market is beginning to weaken. The acceptance price of V2O5 flake by alloy factories is around 108,000-109,000 Yuan/ton. With the falling atmosphere coming, it is expected that there will be a sell-off phenomenon in the bulk market.
At present, the quotation of ferrovanadium manufacturers are between 110,000 Yuan/ton and 115,000 Yuan/ton, but the actual turnover is up to 110,000 Yuan/ton. There are a lot of 50A bulk ferrovanadium with the quotation of 110,000 Yuan/ton. The hoarders who hold ferrovanadium in the early stage began to sell, and the low-level quotation is about 109,000 Yuan/ton. The ferrovanadium manufacturers also purchased V2O5 flaks with the price of 111,000 Yuan/ton in the past two days. Now they rarely purchase with such price, waiting to see when the large V2O5 flake factories sign the orders.
Currently, the market quotation of VN alloy has been slightly revised back to about 169,000 Yuan/ton from 170,000 Yuan/ton in cash in the previous two days. Some steel plants have purchased VN alloy with 170,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. Compared with the previous two days, the shipment of bulk market has also increased. The market atmosphere is also weak. Most manufacturers mainly pay attention to complete their signed orders, and the external quotation remains firm.
During the period of weakening demand in the middle of the month, the market began to hold a stalemate and turned downward, and the selling from traders increased. It is expected that the market price will be lowered in the short term. The large manufacturers said that there is no goods for further orders, but the fear of falling is growing, it is expected that the market will be difficult to maintain stability, and the subsequent market will be slightly weak.