High Supply Low Demand, Vanadium Market Continues To Be Under Pressure

www.ferroalloynet.com:Today’s domestic price of vanadium products quotation: metallurgical ammonium vanadate98% of 99,000-102,000 CNY/Ton, retail V5O2 flake of 105,500-106,000 CNY/Ton, ferrovanadium50 of 112,000 CNY/Ton, VN alloy of 157,000-163,000 CNY/Ton, which is all in cash tax included.

Today, there is no adjustment in the market of vanadium raw temporarily, and the alloy market is under less pressure. The partial ammonium metavanadate has not been adjusted now, and people force the price to purchase in the downstream market. The actual transaction price of metallurgy ammonium metavanadate98% is 99,000-101,000 CNY/Ton in cash. The price of retail V5O2 flake is the same with last quotation, and the actual transaction price is 105,000-105,500 CNY/Ton in cash. Alloy factory overall procurement intention is not high, and they said the market is unstable, and the price of alloy is low and the price of V5O2 flake is high, so they are cautious and wait-and-see. The steel bidding price of VN alloy continued to weaken of 157,000-158,000 CNY/Ton in cash in the past two days, and some manufacturers don’t think the price will be high again, so they actively shipped, but there are also some VN alloy manufacturers offer firm, and it’s difficult to deal at high price, so they sell at low price and lose money seriously and are reluctant to sell.

From the point of view of supply and demand, the current vanadium products are still in the oversupply stage, and the demand is slightly insufficient, so the price of vanadium is difficult to rise. And the cost of support, so that down space of vanadium price is limited, and the market is in a narrow range of weak adjustment.