How Will Guinea Bauxite Production Grow In 2019 According to a report released by the ministry of geology and mines of Guinea, from January to September 2019, Guinea produced 51.35 million tons of bauxite, of which 47.94 million tons were exported. Alumina production is 242,000 tons, all produced by RUSAL’s FRIGUIA alumina plant and all for export.

According to the ministry of geology and mines, by the end of September 2019, there were seven foreign mining companies actually producing and exploiting bauxite in Guinea:

NumberProject NameAnnual Production Capacity/0’000 tons
2AlCOA CBG1500
3Russian Aluminum CBK300
4Russian Aluminum Dian-Dian300
5Henan international mining CDM600
6Emirates Global Aluminium1200
7the “win alliance” SMB4000

Data statistics, before 2015, Guinea’s main bauxite company has joined, CBK,CBG and so on, bauxite production is basically stable at around 17 million tons. After 2015, the “win alliance” formed by Weiqiao group is the Guinea Bokai mining company, exploiting, shipping and exporting high-quality bauxite from Guinea to China, as well as other mining projects such as Henan international mining, Arufa and EMIRATES ALUMINIUM, are gradually coming into production, the local ore production began to surge, is expected to Guinea bauxite output can reach 69 million tons in 2019, an increase of nearly 20%, combined with the main production projects and other pre-production projects, the annual output is expected to exceed 80 million tons by 2020.