Import And Export Statistics Of Vanadium Products And Ferroniobium From January To May 2020 According to customs statistics, the import and export of vanadium pentoxide from January to may 2020 are summarized as follows:

China V2O5 exports by countries in Jan-May 2020
Product Destination Country Qty(Kg) Amount(USD)
V2O5, Code: 28253010 Indonesia 25500 513,648
Iran 1000 44,964
Japan 285000 3,081,210
Saudi Arabia 45735 910,021
South Korea 1004800 6,805,297
UAE 1500 32,139
Germany 84401 1,458,056
Netherlands 222000 1,858,234
Canada 450000 3,063,596
U.S.A 41900 957,240
Total 2161836 18,724,405

From January to May 2020, the total export volume of vanadium pentoxide is 2161.8 tons, about 219 tons less than that of the same period last year. This year, the top four destination countries for vanadium pentoxide export are South Korea, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands. The export volume exceeds 100 tons, of which exports to South Korea account for about 46%.

V2O5 imports by countries in Jan-May 2020
Product Origin Qty(Kg) Amount(USD)
V2O5, Code: 28253010 South Korea 140000 1,693,276
North Korea 19665 137,655
Russian federation 340000 3,469,889
U.S.A 10 1,492
Japan 3 1,351
Germany 1050 36,404
Brazil 860000 9,940,429
Total 1360728 15,280,496

The above table shows the import of vanadium pentoxide from January to May 2020. According to the statistics of different countries, the total import volume is about 1360.7 tons, an increase of 1339.7 tons compared with the same period last year. The import market of vanadium pentoxide is obviously active. Affected by the decline of vanadium price last year, alloy plants are under great pressure and the production is seriously inverted. Since the second half of last year, traders’ import of vanadium pentoxide has gradually become more active. The import volume from January to May this year is obviously larger than that of last year.

The following table is a summary of the export data of ferrovanadium. The first half of the total export volume of FeV80 is about 1869.4 tons, which is 507.4 tons lower than that of the same period last year. Affected by the global epidemic situation, the demand for ferrovanadium in Europe has decreased. It is obvious that ferrovanadium80# is mainly exported to Asian and European countries, and the top three import countries are South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands, of which about 41.5% are exported to South Korea. Compared with ferrovanadium80#, the export volume of ferrovanadium50# is not much. The total export volume of FeV50 from January to May this year is about 1575.8 tons, an increase of 1543.5 tons compared with the same period last year. The main destination countries are Asian countries.

China ferrovanadium exports by countries in Jan-May 2020
Product Destination Country Qty(Kg) Amount(USD)
Ferrovanadium≥75%, Code: 72029210 Japan 405000 7,938,731
South Korea 776000 12,302,430
UAE 59766 1,496,665
China Taiwan 100000 1,936,950
Australia 100 3,400
Netherlands 380025 6,820,011
Canada 148509 2,665,461
Total 1869400 33,163,648
Ferrovanadium<75%, Code: 72029290 Myanmar 2000 29,200
Japan 4200 72,451
the Philippines 1500 25,350
South Korea 600 14,280
Thailand 500 7,950
Total 8800 149,231
Total 1878200 33,312,879

The following is the statistics of the import of ferrovanadium. From January to May, the import volume of ferrovanadium80# was about 293.5 tons, and import volume of ferrovanadium50# was about 184 tons. The import of ferrovanadium50# was more active, 164 tons more than that of the same period last year. Of course, compared with the domestic production of ferrovanadium50#, the import volume is “a drop in the ocean”, but it also has a small impact on the domestic ferrovanadium market. Some traders or end users have a higher acceptance of imported ferrovanadium50#, and the purchase price is slightly lower than that of domestic ferrovanadium50#. Some ferrovanadium factories have reduced orders and lack of production power. Sometimes they have to stop production and wait for the market to recover.

Ferrovanadium imports by countries in Jan-May 2020
Product Origin Qty(Kg) Amount(USD)
Ferrovanadium≥75%, Code: 72029210 Japan 7000 223,469
South Korea 10 307
China 1500 45,145
China Taiwan 5000 93,772
Austria 280000 4,935,805
Total 293510 5,298,498
Ferrovanadium<75%, Code: 72029290 Russian federation 144000 1,718,998
Ukraine 40000 358,644
Total 184000 2,077,642
Total 477510 7,376,140

From January to May 2020, the total import volume of ferroniobium was 11499 tons, an increase of 4489 tons over the same period of last year, with a year-on-year increase of 64%. At the beginning of the year, the import volume of ferroniobium was large, but the sudden epidemic situation led to the short-term shutdown and production reduction of the steel plant. The terminal consumption of ferroniobium was not ideal, and then the import volume decreased. Affected by the epidemic situation, the Brazilian ferroniobium company stopped production on May 18 and resumed production on June 18. The supply is relatively stable and will not affect the vanadium price in the short term.

Ferroniobium imports by countries in Jan-May 2020
Product Origin Qty(Kg) Amount(USD)
Ferroniobium, Code: 72029300 Japan 15 22,500
China Taiwan 180 3,600
Brazil 10840000 219,973,997
Canada 659000 15,615,419
Total 11499195 235,615,516