Import And Export Statistics Of Vanadium Products And Ferroniobium In Feb 2021 to customs statistics, the import and export data of VN products in February are shown in the following table.In terms of exports, vanadium penxide exports decreased slightly in February compared with the previous month, and ferrovanadium 80 exports decreased by 140 tons compared with the previous month.Imports: affected by rising European vanadium prices,  imports greatly reduced in February, including 360 tons of vanadium pentoxide, a month-on-month decrease of 55%;Imports of ferrovanadium 50 is 260 tons, a month-on-month decrease of 20 tons;Imported ferrovanadium80  is 45 tons.ferroniobium imports is 2,330 tons in February, down 56.8%.

Feb. V2O5 FeV50 FeV80 FeNb Jan. V2O5 FeV50 FeV80 FeNb Unit
Import 360.001 260 45 2330.425 Import 800.04 280 0 5388.707 ton
Export 318.6 1.2 260 0 Export 343.25 0.2 400.136 0 ton