Import Statistics And Analysis Of Vanadium Products In September Since August this year, the price of vanadium began to fall, and the imported vanadium products gradually attracted attention. The import and export traders frequently quoted prices, attracting domestic traders and downstream alloy factories to inquire and purchase, with a shipping period of about 45 days. By September, the first batch of V205 arrived at the port and entered the domestic vanadium market.
As can be seen from the data in the table below, the import volume of V2O5 flake in September was 220 tons and the vanadium-nitrogen manufacturers receive orders; the export volume was 304 tons, and the export volume is mainly based on the long-term orders of domestic large factories. Similarly, the import and export volume of 80# ferrovanadium is equivalent, 350 tons up and down. 50# ferrovanadium has been imported since July, and the import volume in September was about 150 tons, an increase of 82 tons compared with July, and the import volume in August was 0.

Due to the weak operation of vanadium market, Brazil ferroniobium gradually faces sales pressure. The import volume in September was about 2385 tons, a decrease from August, and it is expected that the import volume will remain low from October to December.

Product Export volume (ton) Import volume (ton)
V2O5 Flake 304.6 220.005
50# FeV 0 156
80# FeV 364 348.17
VN Alloy 0 0
Brazil FeNb 0 2385.18