In August, The Import Volume Of Vanadium Pentoxide Reached A Record High In August 2020, the import of vanadium pentoxide broke through the historical high and reached 1675 tons. Compared with July, the import volume of FeV50 increased slightly to 440 tons, and the import volume of FeV80 decreased slightly to 114 tons compared with July. Overall, the import volume of vanadium products in August reached a new high, converting into the volume of V2O5 is about 2247.6 tons. According to market understanding, there are also reasons for the delay of customs declaration data to August due to typhoon and other factors.

Product Import in August(ton) Vs July(ton)
V2O5 1675 ↑999
FeV50 440 ↑60.5
FeV80 114 ↓42.5