www.ferroalloynet.com: Stimulated by continuing weak demand since March, vanadium prices have fallen intermittently. At present, the mainstream transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is CNY 122,000-125,000/t. Due to the pressure of environmental protection and high cost in Jiangxi, stone coal factories have increased shutdown, for example, Jiangxi Jinyi Chemical Industry and Boxin Mining Industry are in a state of shutdown. Normally, their monthly output of ammonium metavanadate is about 20-30 tons, and the cost of stone coal is about CNY 110,000-120,000/t. Apart from the impact of environmental protection, the current vanadium prices can not support the normal production of stone coal factories. At present, the only one production enterprise in Jiangxi is Jiangxi Luofan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. which mainly produces high-purity ammonium metavanadate with a monthly output of about 60 tons.