Inquires in Vanadium Market Increased at The Beginning of The Week as Well as The Factories’ Offer Price At the beginning of the week, the vanadium products market took a wait-and-see stance. Since the purchase price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy of Laiwu Steel was CNY 176,000/t last Friday, and that of ferrovanadium was CNY 120,000/t, which slightly rose. In addition, with the active purchasing of traders in vanadium market and the spot tightening of vanadium market, the quotation of vanadium plants edged up. At present, the offer price of ferrovanadium is CNY 125,000-130,000/t and that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 185,000/t. With the rising price of vanadium alloy, the transaction price of ammonium metavanadate has risen slightly to CNY 112,000-115,000/t. It’s hard to get vanadium pentoxide flake whose transaction price is at least CNY 117,000-120,000/t. The overall vanadium products market has a good trend.