Inquiries for Vanadium Raw Materials Have Increased and Retailing Goods are Gradually Consumed After pricing by large plants, downstream alloy factories are actively purchasing. At present, Travic, Desheng, Jianlong and Liaoning hongjing have a small amount of stock, and vanadium pentoxide spot basically flows to the downstream plants of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy. The vanadium pentoxide flake in retailing market have been consumed to a certain extent before the price adjustment of large factories. Now, there is not much spot, and the quotation is not less than CNY 120,000/t by acceptance and CNY 117,000/t by cash. Ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants are still purchasing raw materials and tightening the market supply. Therefore, in the short run, the supply of vanadium will gradually decrease in retailing market , and the cash price may be back to CNY 120,000/t.

Affected by the decrease of circulation supply in vanadium market, the market inquiries for ammonium metavanadate have increased recently, with a slightly higher price of about CNY 115,000/t. Ammonium metavanadate market dose not have much supply, the price has been suppressed by vanadium pentoxide flake. As long as vanadium pentoxide price can stabilize, there will be no downward space for ammonium metavanadate price. Currently, some stone coal vanadium extraction enterprises stock up ammonium metavanadate and are unwilling to sell, waiting for market price callback.