Check the following link for great interview with PCY chairman John Lee on Silver and Drill Program on Pulacay-Paca

Top-Tier Diamond Drill Intercept of 1,030 g/t Ag over 25 meters

Remarkable starter resource 31 million indicated oz at 455g/t, 21 million oz inferred. Only 30{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of the resource drilled !

Next to New Pacific’s Major Discovery, Selling for a fraction of NUAG

Find out why Bob Moriarty of calls “Pulacayo isn’t just another silver mine, it’s a silver dynasty”

Drill about to turn at Pulacayo, don’t miss out!

In light of sliver’s stunning performance over recent weeks, here is a secret silver giant that is about to lift off. Prophecy’s (TSX:PCY, OTCQX: PRPCF) management has now rightfully turned their attention back to this exceptional Pulacayo silver project they kept since 2015, with drills set to turn in the fall.

Proud History of A World-Class Silver Mine

Pulacayo is world’s second largest silver mine based on 678 million oz past production predominantly derived from the Veta Tajo (Tajo vein system), which had been defined along a strike length of 2.5km and to a depth of more than 1,000m. 

Silver mining at Pulacayo began in the Spanish Colonial Period (c. 1545) but production details do not exist. The first work formally recorded on the property was carried out in 1833. Revenue from the mine funded the first railway line in Bolivia, which in 1888 connected Pulacayo to the port of Antofagasta, Chile. In 1891, reported annual silver production reached 5.7 million ounces and mining operations at Pulacayo at that time were the second largest in Bolivia. Work continued through the intervening years until closure in 1959 due to lack of exploration and rising costs. The Potosi department of Bolivia, which hosts Sumitomo’s San Cristobal mine, Pan American’s San Vincente mine, and New Pacific’s recent Silver Sands discovery, produced over 25 million oz of silver in 2018.

Pulacayo Has The Size and Grade: The Makings of a Home Run

Pulacayo-Paca received over US$25 million in investments which included over 98,000 meters of drilling since 2005.

On October 20, 2017, Mercator Geological Services Limited published a 43-101 compliant Pulacayo Technical Report (available on SEDAR) which outlined 30 million ounces of silver in the indicated category grading 455g/t, and a further 21 million ounces of silver in the inferred category grading 256g/t.

The existing 43-101 resource comprised of Paca satellite open pit resource, and Pulacayo underground resource. Both Paca and Pulacayo are open along the strike and at depth.

In the fall, Prophecy is planning to start confirmation and exploration drilling at Paca which reported past near-surface drill intercepts of 42 meters of 406g/t Ag (PND 62) and 38 meters of 411g/t Ag (ESM2). With only 30{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of the known mineralization drilled, the silver resource will only grow.

Emerging Producer With Near Term Cash Flow Potential

Production from Pulacayo during 2012 trial mining

Pulacayo had gone through a 10,000 tonne trial mining in 2012. The materials were mined from Pulacayo and toll milled at near-by facility, producing lead and zinc concentrates which were sold to Trafigura.

Pulacayo reported diamond drill intercepts such as 1,030 g/t Ag over 25 meters, merely 50 meters beneath the San Leon tunnel. Pulacayo can be developed into an emerging silver producer with strong cash flow potential in the near term, which will no-doubt attract major league institution investors

Proven Management from Klondex Mines Ltd 

Prophecy (TSX:PCY, OTCQX: PRPCF) team is lead by CEO Mike Doolin, previously chief operating officer of Klondex Mines Ltd which was acquired by Hecla in 2018 for nearly half a billion dollars. Mr. Doolin has over 30 years of experience specialize in narrow-vein underground mines. Doolin’s team is studying production scenarios both at Pulacayo and Paca which may be implemented as soon as the mining production contract is granted by the Bolivian government (which we have been told will happen any day now).

Here’s The Opportunity

Prophecy (TSX:PCY, OTCQX: PRPCF) is trading at 20 cents and $18 million market capitalization. This is one twentieth (1/20) of the value of its neighbor, the silver explorer New Pacific (TSX-V: NUAG). It has a market capitalisation of $350 million.

With 95 million Prophecy shares outstanding, investors are getting half an ounce of high-grade silver in the ground for every share of Prophecy. Talk about extreme leverage!

Management has hitherto been focusing on operations rather than marketing. This is about to change as they are about to embark on a roadshow in US, Canada, and Europe to tell this exciting silver story

With rising silver prices and insiders having bought hundreds thousands shares in recent months, there may never be a better time to buy Prophecy (TSX:PCY, OTCQX: PRPCF). Get a position before the drills start turning. When drill results are delivered, silver investors will no doubt rejoice again over this giant sleeper discovery and bid up the stock handsomely.


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