Investment Promotion For 4X100MW All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Production Line Project In Panzhihua Vanadium Titanium High-Tech Zone

Recently, Panzhihua Economic Cooperation Bureau announced the investment invitation for the all-vanadium redox flow battery production line project in the vanadium-titanium high-tech zone
Project location: Madianhe area of Vanadium-Titanium High-tech Zone (Vanadium-Titanium New City)
Project construction content: Combining with the advantages of vanadium ore resources in Panzhihua City, it is planned to build an all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage equipment production line in Panzhihua. The preliminary plan is to build a 4×100MW/year stack production line and a system integration mobile manufacturing line before 2025, and a 4×200MW/year stack production line before 2030. The total investment of the project is 1.85 billion yuan, with an annual output value of 3.36 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 604 million yuan.
Project construction conditions: The vanadium-titanium high-tech industrial development zone has complete supporting facilities such as water, electricity and roads. It has 2 railway freight yards, 2 water plants, 1 industrial wastewater treatment plant, 1 solid waste disposal center, and a 500KV substation. There are 220KV*3 substations and 110KV*4 substations, the power distribution facilities are the first in the Southwest Park. There are also ready-made standardized workshops, 30 technological innovation platforms above the provincial level that can be supported by the vanadium-titanium high-tech zone, including 2 state-level key laboratories and 1 national vanadium-titanium quality inspection center. It has formed an “entrepreneurship nursery + incubator + “Accelerator + Industrial Park” stepped incubation system.
Project investment: 1.85 billion yuan.
Cooperation method: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation