Invinity Energy Notes Launch Of Energy Superhub Oxford

Invinity Energy Systems PLC – London-based energy storage company – Notes the official launch of the Energy Superhub Oxford, expected to be Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle charging hub and world’s largest energy hybrid energy storage system.
The storage system incorporates a 5 megawatt-hour Invinity vanadium flow battery. The battery is used in combination with a 50 megawatts lithium-ion battery from Wartsila, creating a system capable of powering around 6,000 homes a day.
“Energy Superhub Oxford illustrates the vital role energy storage in general and flow batteries in particular will play in the UK’s shift to renewable energy. To reach net zero targets, the UK is forecast to require up to 24,000 MW of long-duration energy storage of multiple types and configurations. This project demonstrates that flow batteries coupled with lithium-ion battery storage create a high performance system that benefits from the unique characteristics of each technology,” said Chief Executive Officer Larry Zulch.
Current stock price: 46.80 pence
12-month change: down 64%