Invinity Energy Systems Plc 0.8 MWh Flow Battery Sale For Scottish Water Site

Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM:IES), manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries for the large-scale energy storage requirements of businesses, industry and electricity networks, is pleased to announce the sale of a 0.8 MWh vanadium flow battery (VFB) to Absolute Solar and Wind Limited for use in a solar plus storage project at a waste-water treatment plant (WWTP) owned by Scottish Water.
Four Invinity VFBs, with a total capacity of 0.8 MWh, will be installed alongside 1 MWp of solar PV generation at the site located in Perthshire, Scotland. The battery system will be used to shift excess solar generation from day to evening in summer months and to perform grid arbitrage activity during winter, reducing energy costs for the site and maximising its use of low-carbon solar power. The battery system will also be used to provide ancillary services to the UK grid including frequency response.
The principal contractor for the project is Absolute Solar and Wind Limited, a leading Scottish renewable energy solutions specialist. The Perthshire site is the first of a number of similar solar-plus-battery projects currently under development by Scottish Water Horizons.
Scottish Water serves around 2.7m households and business premises. Following the Scottish Government’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, Scottish Water has committed to net zero emissions by 2040, five years ahead of the Government’s target schedule.
The sale has an anticipated revenue contribution of approximately £0.7m to the Group, relating to the Invinity battery system itself, ancillary components and associated services. The project is expected to go live in 2021.
Paul Kerr, Managing Director at Scottish Water Horizons said:
“Harnessing new ways of generating and storing renewable energy plays a significant part in helping Scottish Water meet its ambitious pledge to reach net zero by 2040.
“The combined solar power and battery storage scheme at Perth is a first for Scottish Water; providing greater flexibility and resilience in managing peaks and troughs in power demand, whilst at the same time enabling operational efficiencies and lowering carbon emissions.
“We welcome the opportunity to work with Absolute Solar & Wind and Invinity as we seek to accelerate and increase the scale of our renewables schemes across Scotland.”
Larry Zulch, Chief Executive Officer at Invinity said:
“This project illustrates the determination of those providing critical infrastructure to support the energy transition without compromising their overriding mission of delivering public services. We’re very pleased to be working with Absolute Solar & Wind and Scottish Water to support their vision for a robust net zero energy future. Although modest in size as an individual contract, the Perth project has great significance as a template for future business for Invinity.”