Invinity Flow Battery Costs Fell 30% Post-Merger, Says Exec

The vanadium flow battery company formed from RedT and Avalon will complete profitable projects in 2021.

Some pre-merger Avalon batteries in the field. (Credit: Invinity Energy Systems)

When two of the long-duration flow battery sector’s leaders ran into problems, a frequent partner, vanadium producer Bushveld Minerals, suggested they should discuss a merger.

The U.K.’s RedT Energy and U.S. firm Avalon completed that process in March. The synergies Bushveld identified have played out, and the new firm, Invinity, has been picking up project wins and is now focusing on cutting the cost of its systems and ramping up growth, Invinity CCO Matt Harper said in an interview.

“We’re probably [at] 20 to 30 percent lower cost today than what RedT was building about a year ago,” he said.  “[We’ve] dramatically increased the longevity and reliability, and we’ll continue that process.”

Harper, who co-founded Avalon, said the new company is benefiting from RedT’s processing and manufacturing know-how and the system-level technology and modularization that Avalon brought to the table.