It’s Hard To Make Deals Due To Falling Vanadium Prices Vanadium prices are still on a slight downward trend this week. The vanadium alloy steel bidding is in progress, the actual transaction is few, mainly for inquiry, and most alloy plants are unwilling to offer. The quotations of some traders have gradually declined, the tax-inclusive price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 176,000-177,000/t by cash, CNY 124,000-125,000/t for 50# ferrovanadium, CNY 114,000-115,000/t for V2O5 flake, with few transactions. Vanadium prices keep declining and the steel mills purchase under pressure. Yesterday, ZENITH purchased 150 tons with the tax-inclusive price of CNY 175,000/t by acceptance. The vanadium alloy bidding price of Nanjing Steel will also be released today.

Facing the falling vanadium market, the upstream and downstream vanadium enterprises are more worried about the market trend. How will the large V2O5 flake factories adjust their prices and whether they can stabilize and boost the market can only be done passively.