Date: Mar 30, 2018

Jilin Ferroalloy’s three-million-ton ferroalloy product series project plans to cover approximately 3,000 mu of land with a total investment of RMB8 billion to build a ferroalloy production base producing a series of ferroalloy products such as manganese, chromium, silicon, nitrogen alloys, and composite gold with a capacity of 3 million tons/year.

The project will be constructed in three phases and completed within five years. Among them, the first phase of the project will be invested RMB27 billion, and the annual production capacity will be 1 million tons. It is planned to build 22 submerged arc furnaces with a total capacity of 1,106,800 tons, and 489,900 tons of commodities can be realized; the second and third phases of the project will have 36 submerged arc furnaces.

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