Kaifeng Times’s Annual Output Of 300MW All-Vanadium Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Project Has Entered The Stage Of Full Production

Shunhe Hui District of Kaifeng City actively guides the Kaifeng investment platform to provide capital guarantee for the construction of Shunhe project and the development of science and technology innovation. It plays a combined punch, stimulates new kinetic energy, and successfully promotes the “three batches” activities of major projects in the province. Kaifeng Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.’s all-vanadium redox flow battery project was successfully put into production, and the “carbon-based new material pilot test base” was successfully listed through the second batch of provincial pilot test bases.
In response to the problem of insufficient funds for the construction of the pilot base of carbon-based new materials, Shunhe Hui District actively matched the company and introduced SDIC and the investment principal of 70 million yuan, which solved the problem of tight capital in the start-up stage of the company. Kaifeng SDIC invested an additional capital of about 300 million yuan to help solve the construction of related infrastructure facilities such as construction land, plant construction, staff dormitory and restaurant reconstruction, and road planning and construction in the park for Kaifeng Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. it ensures the speed and quality of project construction, and allows the investment platform to provide capital guarantee for base construction.
At present, the first production line of Kaifeng Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has produced the first all-vanadium redox flow battery stack before the Spring Festival. At this stage, the relocation of all equipment has been completed. 10 plate and frame CNC machining systems and other equipment have successfully arrived at the new plant and have been installed and debugged. The test bench system has been assembled and has been put into trial operation. It is expected that the production capacity of 300MW/year all-vanadium redox flow battery stack will be realized in December this year.
Under the leadership of the strong entry of the national investment capital, the park will focus on the “one base” of the pilot base for carbon-based new materials in Henan Province, grasp the “two directions” of new energy and new materials, and further target the important needs of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, build a common key technology innovation and transformation platform for the new energy and new material industry, make the state-owned investment platform an “accelerator” for scientific and technological innovation, and complete the innovation and creation of the all-vanadium flow battery energy storage system and the entire industry chain of key materials as soon as possible, and promote the high quality economic development through innovation.