Large V2O5 Flake Factories Adjusted Price Up, But No Orders Signed After confirming the latest unit price of 88500 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, Tranvic and Desheng said that they had already signed out all V2O5 flake this month and would not sign the order for the time being; Jianlong had no stocks at present and planned to sign the order next week. Some vanadium enterprises do not understand why large factories adjusted price up, but no orders signed. Retail investors are in a strong mood to rise, and some suppliers still do not offer prices. They expect that the price of V2O5 flake will gradually raise to 90000 yuan / ton by cash. Today, a small amount of retail V2O5 flake is sold at cash of 87000-88000 yuan / ton.
On the whole, most alloy factories are still cautious in purchasing high-price V2O5 flake. Although the manufacturer’s inquiry is not reduced, it is still difficult to accept high price raw materials, holding a wait-and-see attitude. Of course, some manufacturers are bullish on the future market with positive inquiry, and there is no any stocks, so they replenish with high price.