Large V2O5 Flake Factories Do Not Adjust Prices Temporarily With A Lack Of Guidance Price For Transactions In Bulk Market Yesterday’s vanadium market paid close attention to the price adjustment trend of large-scale V2O5 flake factories. V2O5 flake holders and VN alloy manufacturers in bulk market hold wait-and-see attitude in trading. By yesterday afternoon, three large-scale factories said that the price of V2O5 flake remained unchanged temporarily. Due to the bearish market yesterday, some of them worried that the large-scale factory would reduce the price, and the price was adjusted to 92000 yuan / ton. After the news of large-scale factory pricing came out, the quotation of 92000 yuan / ton was reduced in V2O5 flake bulk market, and the willingness to ship was reduced, while the VN alloy plants subsequently increased the inquiry of V2O5 flake at 92000 yuan / ton. In terms of the current quotation of large plants, it is difficult to receive orders at the downstream market, and the transactions of V2O5 flake were stuck again for lacking guidance price.

Compared with the active raw material end, the vanadium alloy market has been quiet in the past two days. The vanadium nitrogen alloy market is still running in the situation of high inventory, low transaction and weak price stability. The transaction price of the ferrovanadium  market is also stable. As the quotation of the large vanadium factories remains unchanged, the alloy spot inventory can avoid the value decline. However, in the situation of weak demand of the steel factories, the subsequent rapid consumption of inventory also exists difficulty.