Largo Resources Launched VPURE and VPURE+ Vanadium Products

Largo Resources Ltd. (“Largo” or the “Company”) (TSX: LGO) (OTCQX: LGORF) announced the launch of VPURE and VPURE+, newly developed brands for the Company’s industry preferred line of vanadium products.

Paulo Misk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Largo stated: “Largo’s vanadium products have an exceptional industry reputation worldwide. With our vanadium products now branded, new and existing customers can easily identify the Company’s products offered for purchase in the market. He continued: “The Maracás Menchen Mine has a proven track record of operational stability which allows the Company to provide its customers with a reliable source of vanadium supply. We look forward to becoming the industry preferred supplier of vanadium through the sale of our VPURE and VPURE+ products.”

Largo’s VPURE and VPURE+ products are sourced from one of the highest-grade vanadium deposits in the world using proven operational technology. A summary of Largo’s VPURE and VPURE+ products and associated specifications are listed below:

VPURE Flakes | Ferrovanadium powered by VPURE Flakes

* The VPURE brand consists of high-quality vanadium products which are mainly used to produce ferrovanadium and vanadium carbon nitride.
* VPURE Flakes have a guaranteed vanadium content of 98.5% and typical vanadium content of 99.0%.
* Ferrovanadium powered by VPURE Flakes achieves grade specifications in the range of 78.0% to 82.0% vanadium.
* Ferrovanadium powered by VPURE Flakes is essential in the production of steel products, which make up approximately 91% of global vanadium consumption.

VPURE+ Flakes | VPURE+ Powder

* The VPURE+ brand consists of high purity vanadium products in the form of flakes and powder.
* VPURE+ Flake and Powder products have a guaranteed vanadium content of 99.0% and a typical vanadium content of 99.5%.
* VPURE+ Flakes are mainly used in the production of master alloys.
* VPURE+ Powder is ideal to produce chemicals, catalysts and vanadium electrolyte used in the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB).