BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Apr 20 – On April 13, Canadian-based Largo Resources Ltd. announced first quarter 2020 production results from its Maracas Menchen Mine.

Total production in Q1 2020 from the Maracas Menchen Mine was 2,831 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide (“V2O5”), representing an increase of 35% over Q1 2019. Production in January 2020 was 956 tonnes of V2O5, with 915 tonnes of V2O5 produced in February 2020 and 960 tonnes produced in March 2020. The Company estimates that April 2020 production will be approximately 500 tonnes of V2O5.

In Q1 2020, the Company also produced 100,072 tonnes of concentrate ore with an average V2O5 grade of 3.36% compared to 86,673 tonnes produced in Q1 2019 with a grade of 3.32%.