Later Steel Bidding Price Will Be Depressed Vanadium market trading has been slowed down and prices tend to be stable this week. There are a few inquiries for raw materials from the upstream, with few transactions. As the downstream alloy, there are few inquiries from traders, and manufacturers product normally, waiting for next week’s steel bidding. From the information feedback from the major vanadium enterprises in the market, they hold a negative attitude towards the steel bidding in next week. Each vanadium plant has inventory, and most steel mills purchase on hand-to-mouth. The market demand is stable. The supply of vanadium resources in the market is greater than the demand, so the price of steel mills are bound to be depressed, and some vanadium enterprises may be under pressure to sell goods at a low price. Next week, the steel bidding price trend of vanadium alloy is stable but weak.

Today, some steel mills have successively released the bidding announcement of vanadium-nitrogen alloy and ferrovanadium. Bidding price is expected to be published on Monday next week. Traders hold wait-and-see attitude, waiting for the latest price.