www.ferroalloynet.com: Affected by environmental protection, the production of ammonium metavanadate enterprises in Hunan and Jiangxi, especially for stone coal plants, has been suspended for more than a month. Environmental protection in Panzhihua is gradually weakening, but the local output of ammonium metavanadate is not much. Therefore, ammonium metavanadate spot is not available in the market and its price is comparable to that of vanadium pentoxide. Currently, manufacturers are considering whether to accept the inquire price of CNY 120,000/t to sell goods, while the quotation is over CNY 120,000/t.

For vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants, it is better to purchase ammonium metavanadate at this price than V2O5 flake. However, at present, large factories are cautious in selling goods and Liaoning Hongjing is lack of goods. It is not easy for small factories to purchase V2O5 flake, so it is barely acceptable to purchase ammonium metavanadate at the same price. In addition, chemical V2O5 powder factories have a fixed demand for ammonium metavanadate, so ammonium metavanadate manufacturers will not easy to lower the price.