Low Enthusiasm Of Purchasing V2O5 Flake

www.ferroalloynet.com:Recently, the overall performance of vanadium market is relatively light with little fluctuation of the overall price and a few actual transactions. The supply of raw materials is abundant, and the alloy plants are hesitate in procurement. The bidding price of ferrovanadium and VN alloy steel plants are at the high level, so the performance of direct supply and bulk cargo market is slightly lower. The market is generally weak and some support is deadlocked.

In terms of raw materials, according to market estimates, the import volume of V2O5 in July is expected to be higher than that in June. At present, the domestic V2O5 flake manufacturers are basically in constant production and supply. The import increment breaks the stalemate between supply and demand in the raw material market, and the later market is expected to be dominated by oversupply.

At present, Tranvic and Desheng signs the bills normally. Among them, Desheng said that it had signed about 500 tons of orders and Tranvic had signed more than 200 tons. Jianlong said that there is no spot goods at present, and the orders have not been signed yet.

In bulk market, the quoted of V2O5 flake is between 105000-105500 yuan / ton by cash. However, the willingness of alloy plants to accept 105500 yuan / ton price has begun to decline. Large factories also said that the alloy factories are not active in signing orders, and ferrovanadium plants are purchasing less V2O5 flake. It is expected that the bulk raw materials may be slightly weak in the subsequent market.

At present, the bidding price of ferrovanadium is fairly good, which is about 108000 yuan / ton by acceptance. This price is acceptable for ferrovanadium plants, but the open bidding price is already high in the market, with small quantity. Most of the steel mills mainly supply from Pangang and ChengSteel. The long-term cooperation between small steel plants and small and medium-sized ferrovanadium plants is also threatened by low-cost bulk goods. The willingness of ferrovanadium plants in Jinzhou area to resume production is still low with the price quoted about 104000-105000 yuan / ton by cash, and the price of imported goods is about 102000-103000 yuan / ton.

At present, the purchase price of VN alloy is about 167000 yuan / ton, and the acceptance price has not yet reached a high price of 168000 yuan / ton. The subsequent bidding is expected to be more difficult to reach this height. The bulk market offers a cash price of 163000 yuan / ton. There are also certain transactions at this price in the market. The manufacturers quoted price of 165000 yuan / ton by cash only concluded rare transactions, and the subsequent market of VN alloy will face pressure. But the adjustment is not expected to be large.

The price of vanadium in the international market is stable for the time being, but it also tends to be strong. The main reason is that the increase of China’s import volume has reduced the inventory of European ports, thus driving the firmness of vanadium price in European market. As of yesterday, the price of European ferrovanadium was 23.95-24.5 USD / kg V, converted to RMB price was about 83500-85400 yuan / ton; Europe’s V2O5 was 5.1-5.5 USD / lb V, converted to RMB price was about 76900-82900 yuan / ton; American ferrovanadium price was 9.4-9.8 USD / lb V, converted to RMB price of 50 ferrovanadium was about 72300-75400 yuan / ton.