Low Quotation Consolidation Of Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy With Rare Raw Materials Vanadium Trading

www.ferroalloynet.com: With the gradual finalization of the steel bidding price in recent days, the vanadium nitrogen alloy market has shown a low price consolidation trend. At present, the bidding price of mainstream vanadium nitrogen alloy plants is concentrated at 142000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the bidding price of a small number of plants is slightly higher than 143000 yuan / ton due to the payment method and other reasons. The spot market performance is similar to that of the steel bidding. Up to now, the transaction price of some manufacturers and bulk goods is 139000 yuan / ton. VN alloy manufacturers turned to purchase V2O5 flake and pressed the price to about 91000-92000 yuan / ton. At present, the supply of V2O5 flake for bulk goods is not enough. The future market is hard to keep strong under the weak shock of VN alloy price.

In April, the terminal demand is still weak. The basic price of vanadium alloy in this round of steel bidding has been clear.  It is expected that the vanadium price in April will still be weak.