Lower Purchasing Price Of VN From Steel Mills

www.ferroalloynet.com: With the gradual release of tender price from mainstream steel mills, the price range of vanadium-nitrogen alloys for this round of bidding has been basically adjusted. Yesterday, the tender price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys from ZENITH was 197,000 yuan/ton (150 tons, by acceptance); Anhui Changjiang Steel’s tender price was 197,000 yuan/ton (120 tons, by acceptance); Shaogang’s tender price was 196,500 yuan/ton (80 tons, by acceptance); Today, Fujian Sangang and Xinjiang Bagang may issue their tender prices. It is estimated that the prices will also be around 197,000 yuan per ton. Although some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers have a low willingness to accept the tender price, there are still a number of follow-up bidders in the end. According to our site, besides the mainstream bidding of steel mills, some small steel mills directly purchase and also greatly reduced the price.

Some traders and vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers indicated that the small steel mill’s inquiry price ranged from 192,000 yuan to 193,000 yuan per ton in cash and the acceptance price ranged from 195,000 yuan to 196,000 yuan per ton. The middlemen were basically difficult to operate. Some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers accepted the acceptance orders of 197,000 yuan per ton by acceptance, and also intended to accept orders of about 193,000 yuan/ton by cash. The spot quotation of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers is concentrated in the cash price of 194-195,000 yuan per ton.

Although there are still some orders for vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants, the willingness to purchase V2O5 flake has been greatly reduced. At present, the inquiry price of V2O5 flake is between 125,000 yuan and 126,000 yuan per ton by cash. Some vanadium-nitrogen factories which received orders before concentrated on about 198,000 yuan/ton are willing to accept the price of V2O5 flake at 128,000 yuan/ton by cash.
From the current situation, it is difficult for vanadium alloys to rise in the short term, and the market after the National Day will not be much better. And some alloys factories predict that the price of vanadium pentoxide flake will be vulnerable after the festival, so they put their purchasing plans after the festival.