MABUZA: All Govt Departments Must Honour Eskom Debt

Deputy President David Mabuza read the Riot Act to all departments and entities in all three spheres of government that owe Eskom money.

Mabuza was responding to questions in the National Council of Province (NCOP) on whether the government has quantified the amounts that are owed as a result of intergovernmental debt and what the reasons are for the failure to settle the debts in each case.

He was back in Parliament on Wednesday for his scheduled question and answer session in the NCOP.

Mabuza said power utility Eskom was struggling and government departments and entities were partly to blame for its financial woes.

Eyewitness News reported in June how Soweto, in Johannesburg, alone owed Eskom R18 billion in unpaid bills for electricity, while three municipalities in the Free State owed R7.3 billion.

Mabuza assured members of the NCOP that he would be taking the matter up when he leaves Parliament to make sure the inter-governmental debts are settled.

“I’ve got a duty, as deputy president, to ensure that all government departments nationally do honour their debts. From here, when I leave here, I’m going to ensure that all government departments do comply.”

Mabuza said he would also be taking the matter up with his Cabinet colleagues and the president.

“I’m going to write to each and every minister to do that. I’ve taken it upon myself to help the president to ensure that those who are owing must pay.”