Mainstream Bidding Of Steel Plants Finished, Vanadium Market Moves Forward Steadily Up to now, the mainstream steel mills have ended the centralized steel mill tender, late steel mills open procurement of vanadium alloy will be significantly reduced, small and medium-sized steel mills to purchase on demands, the supply side attitude is firm, vanadium alloy market turns to the consolidation situation, raw materials continue to maintain a steady state, into the middle of the month, the market is wait and see in the slight transactions.
Up to now, the Ammonium Metavanadate market transaction is not much, the prices basically do not fluctuate.The mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake  maintains 105,000 Yuan/ton of cash included tax, part of bulk quoted slightly high price is difficult to trade. First, the supply is kept loose, and second, the enthusiasm of alloy factories is not high. Except for the alloy factories of the cooperation with big factory directors, alloy factories prefer to purchase and produce on demand under the condition of easy finding of raw materials. The continuous existence of domestic and foreign price difference has attracted more traders to participate in the import trade, and the traders consulting the import operation of vanadium pentoxide and ferro vanadium are also increasing.
The market quotes of Ferro Vanadium increase again at present, the actual transaction is slower, and the bulk market quotes of Ferro Vanadium at about 106000-106500 Yuan/ton by cash, the actual transaction low at 105000 Yuan/ton, gradually close to mainstream transaction price of 106000 Yuan/ton, there was a slight firming in the market, but slow, associated with end demand fluctuation is not obvious, furthermore, imported goods price is low, the traders which are difficult to operate between manufacturers and steel prefer imported ferro vanadium.In the transaction with the steel mill cash price of 106000-107000 yuan/ton or so, ferro vanadium factory can resume production with small interest, it is expected that ferro vanadium processing factory in the northeast region this month to restore the rate of operation, because no bull market of whole vanadium market to pull, the price recovery space of ferro vanadium is very limited.
Vanadium nitride alloy manufacturer currently more offer at 165000-166000 Yuan/ton by cash, some manufacturers offer about 164000 Yuan/ton, low prices of goods which is 163000-163500 Yuan/ton can ask a few spot goods, there was a trader’s inquiry of yesterday for 162000 YUAN/ton in cash but failed, the steel mill bid still has a high price over 168,000 Yuan/ton for acceptance, including payment factors in it,height of the fluctuation is not big, the market continued stand-off forward, afternoon is expected to reduce enquiries, manufacturer/p, market turnover slowed, but the strength of the manufacturers will escort for vanadium nitride market. Overall it doesn’t fluctuate much, the market continues to stalemate forward, the future is expected to reduce inquiries, manufacturers to hand in orders, the market transactions slow down, but the firm mentality of manufacturers will escort the vanadium nitrogen market.
Terminal rebar prices fell slightly, under no obvious boost in demand, the price is hard to continue upward, but the iron ore prices will remain high, port iron ore inventories decreased, the south of typhoon affected some port ships to dock,the international iron ore prices have risen above $120, near last year’s high, under the support of the cost, rebar price fall space is not large, the narrow range is expected to be weak and slow finishing operation. So far, rainfall climate for domestic steel demand is suppressed, according to the Chinese net news, weather today, the north will be a wide range of heavy rainfall process, involving more than 10 provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning will see the strongest rainfall since the start of the flood season.It is expected to continue until months, the  Severe Tropical Storm Mekkhala have been landed this morning in ZhangPu coastal fujian province, the effect to be reckoned with.So in the middle of the month steel demand is expected to lift temporarily, but also strengthened the steel market on the “nine silver 10” rebound expectations.