Manufacturers Are Reluctant To Sell Vanadium Raw Materials At Low Prices In recent two days, the steel bidding price trend of V-N alloy has been stable, and the purchase price of V-N alloy in Laiwu is expected by most vanadium enterprises. At present, the sales price of V-N alloy is CNY 143,000-145,000/. With the continuous consumption of bulk V2O5 flake and the increasing cost pressure of small V2O5 flake plants, they have low willingness to sell and the most quotations are CNY 94,000-95,000/t by cash. However, the expected purchase price of downstream alloy plants is CNY 90,000-92,000/t with more inquiries and a little difficulty in purchasing.

Similarly, at present, only a few ammonium metavanadate manufacturers are in production, and some of them are unwilling to sell at a low price because their price is lower than the cost price. The high transaction price can reach up to CNY 98,000/t by cash, and chemical enterprises purchase on hand-to-mouth.