Manufacturers Quote Firmly, V2O5 Flake Transaction In A Stalemate Today, vanadium market has no difference compared with yesterday. The prices of upstream and downstream vanadium products are firm and stable, but the transaction is still weak. Large V2O5 flake factories have begun to sign orders, while retail investors are still reluctant to sell, and a small amount of transactions have reached 84000-84500 yuan / ton by cash with tax. Most alloy factories have a stable mentality and the market is expected to be stable and strong in the short and later period, but when the price of V2O5 flake is higher than the cash of 83000 yuan / ton, the purchasing intention of alloy plants is still not high. At present, the transaction price of VN alloy is stable for the time being. The manufacturers offer at 131000-132000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, and the actual transaction price is 130000-131000 yuan / ton by cash with tax; the quotation of ferrovanadium manufacturers is 91000-92000 yuan / ton by cash, while the actual transaction price is 90000-91000 yuan / ton by cash with tax.
Domestic production of vanadium products is stable, imports are relatively reduced, and the demand is not greatly increased. Overall, the supply of vanadium products is relatively adequate, without resource shortage. In recent month, the rise of vanadium price is mainly driven by the adjustment of the mentality of upstream and downstream vanadium enterprises and the price adjustment of large V2O5 flake factories to support the market. The market atmosphere of reluctance to sell has been strengthened, so the vanadium price has been rising. After the bidding of steel plants, the market is slightly quiet, but the vanadium enterprises have little intention to sell with low price. In the coming week, the vanadium market will be still in a stalemate and stable state.