Manufacturers Send Inquires Actively In Vanadium Market And Their Quotations Are Firm In recent two days, the inquiry for upstream and downstream products in vanadium market has increased, the quotations are firm, and manufacturers are reluctant to sell at low prices. Some traders have strong intention to purchase, but with few actual transactions. Due to the tight bulk V2O5 flake spot some downstream alloy plants are in urgent need of raw materials to maintain production, and are gradually willing to purchase at a high price of CNY 95,000-96,000/t. Some V2O5 flake sellers do not offer or offer at a high price of CNY 100,000/t, with few transactions.

The rise of raw material prices has simultaneously driven downstream alloy manufacturers to start quoting. At present, the quotation of V-N alloy manufacturers generally offer not less than CNY 150,000/t by cash, and they are unwilling to sell at low prices. The cash offer of ferrovanadium is 103,000-105,000/t, with more inquiries and less deals.

In the aspect of ammonium metavanadate, the activity of inquiry has increased today. The sales price of some manufacturers is CNY 95,000-98,000/t by cash. Although V-N alloy manufacturers have inquiry, but they have few transactions, and chemical enterprises are relatively active in purchasing.