Market Is Quiet After The National Day Holiday On the first working day after returning from the National Day holiday, the prices of various vanadium products are as follows: ammonium metavanadate: 91000-95000 yuan / ton; FeV50: 99000-100000 yuan / ton; VN alloy: 143000-144000 yuan / ton, all of which are by cash including tax. In terms of V2O5 flake, large factories keep at 100000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and there is no adjustment for the time being. Retail suppliers say that they don’t know how to quote, so they will wait and see the market transaction for a day. The quotation of VN alloy manufacturers is not much. On the one hand, they intend to wait and see the trend of steel plant bidding; on the other hand, they pay attention to whether the price of large V2O5 flake plants is adjusted.

The transaction price of V2O5 flake before the holiday was stalemated at 94000-94500 Yuan/ton by cash with tax, and the bidding price of VN alloy was 146000-147000 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax. Before the National Day holiday, the bidding for VN alloy of ZENITH was still pending, and manufacturers are reluctant to accept orders due to high production costs, and then the market is in a stalemate. After the holiday, the upstream and downstream vanadium enterprises have a strong wait-and-see mood, and they are reluctant to lower their prices. However, if the quotation is too high, it will be difficult for them to conclude the business and it is meaningless. It is better to wait and see the market inquiry and transaction.