Marvel Discovery Mobilizes Crew To Confirm Historical Showings At Duhamel Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Property In Quebec

Marvel Discovery Corp. (TSX-V:MARV) said it has mobilized a field crew to its Duhamel nickel-copper-cobalt (Ni-Cu-Co) and titanium, vanadium, and chromium (Ti-V-Cr) property in Quebec to confirm historical showings that have returned highly anomalous Ni-Cu-Co intersections.
The multi-commodity resource company expanded its land holdings in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Anorthosite Suite in February from 42 claims to 102 claims, for a total of 5,300 hectares, after a heliborne magnetic and Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) survey returned a “high-quality” response.
“Exploration crews are now mobilized at the Duhamel Ni-Cu-Co Property. We are extremely pleased with the results of the heliborne survey in generating targets,” Marvel president and CEO Karim Rayani said in a statement.
“The Duhamel Property is a fertile host for Ni-Cu-Co massive sulphides and iron Ti-V-Cr mineralization demonstrated by historical exploration. We remain confident that our field crews will not only confirm historical showings, but also find new Ni-Cu-Co-occurrences along these trends,” he added.
Marvel said the crew will confirm the nature and significance of Ni-Cu-Co showings at the property, survey the areas of high merit with a Beep Mat and prospect the newly interpreted TDEM trends for new Ni-Cu-Co mineralization. Low-frequency downhole surveys will be performed for future targeting efforts if historical drill holes can be located.
“We are very keen to determine if the historic drill collars can be located, and if it is possible to conduct low frequency BHEM downhole surveys on these holes,” Marvel CEO Rayani said.
“It is common that the higher conductivity representing Ni-Cu bearing massive sulphides are missed by previous operators and these lenses of mineralization are located just off-hole. The results of the field work will enable us to define and select our best targets for diamond drilling,” he added.
The Duhamel Property currently contains seven occurrences of Ni-Cu-Co sulphides and one Fe-Ti-V iron oxide occurrence discovered between 1997 to 2001 by previous operators who defined a 13 kilometre-long mineralized rock corridor.
Results from drilling by Virginia Gold Mines in 2000 have included 1.27% nickel, 0.33% copper and 0.12% cobalt over 3.0 meters, Marvel noted.
The company said historical assessment reports have revealed more than 30 nickel-copper (cobalt) and four iron-titanium (vanadium, chromium) (Fe-Ti (Cr, V) mineral occurrences, which confirms the corridor to be highly prospective for new Ni-Cu-Co discoveries, as well as Fe-Ti (Cr, V) discoveries.
The Duhamel project is located between Chutes-des-Passes and Pipmuacan Reservoir deformation zones included in the central part of Proterozoic Grenville Geological Province. The property is characterized by the presence of large mafic to ultramafic intrusive rock bodies located in the northern margin of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Anorthosite Suite, one of the largest anorthosite intrusive bodies in the world.
Canada-based Marvel currently has some 10 projects and is looking for gold, nickel, copper, cobalt and vanadium in Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland, while also being on the hunt for rare earth elements (REE) and uranium in British Columbia.