Date: Oct 8, 2018

Maxtech Ventures Inc (CSE:MVT) is excited about its option to buy 100% interest in vanadium claims in Emery County, Utah.

The Temple mountain district has a big history of mining for vanadium and uranium, said Maxtech.

Maxtech has signed a letter of intent to option 52 contiguous lode mining claims staked covering a total of 1,074 acres or around 435 hectares.

The entire claim group has a maximum north-south extension of around 3.2km and a maximum east-west extension of around 1.8 km.

“Demand for vanadium as a strategic metal has exploded as price surges hit recent highs from approximately $9.00 per pound last year to about $22.63 per pound supported by a high global demand. As a result, mining companies are returning to explore for vanadium with vigour,” said Peter Wilson, chief executive at Maxtech.

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